How to Make Your Focal Point Something Worth Focusing On

Happy Monday!

I know that in my bedroom, as well as the majority of other peoples, the focal point is the bed.  It’s usually the largest thing in the room, and where the most time is spent.  I for one use mine for sleeping, eating, watching Netflix, reading, writing, displaying my clothes etc etc.

The Type A tip of the day is..make your bed!!!

Seriously, if I don’t make my bed the whole rest of my day is thrown off.  Especially if I am home and looking at it often.  Its the focal point, and if the focal point is a mess that’s going to cause your brain to be a mess.

Think about it-if you start your day off in a put together and organized way, then there’s a much better chance that things will stay that way.  Then once you come home you can jump right back in there, or use it in the multi purpose way that I do.

Try making your bed tomorrow morning and see how you feel.  I bet you’ll be happy when you look at it.

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The Dad Bod

Dad bod-wtf is it and why is everyone talking about it?

It isn’t the body of the DILF down the street with the amazing abs, nor is it the body of the dad that you pray your future husband never has. Dad bod is defining the 20something year old guy we’re all trying to date these days.

Let me define dad bodbuilt for comfort, not to be taken too seriously, but you know the man with this body will step up when needed.  He has arms that can carry you home after a night out, but will also carry home a few pizzas and a case of beer.  He has a stomach that allows you to guilt free enjoy wine and cheese night, but still makes you want to sleep with him. Dad bod represents the happy medium between ‘I’m too good for this guy, and how did I get so lucky.’  It encompasses everything you stand for-hustling but still knowing how to have a good time; making an effort, but not taking yourself too seriously.  This guy isn’t intimidating, but approachable.  He’s the guy you want to take home, but could also see yourself making a home with.

Dating a guy with a dad body shows you are ready to embrace the next stage of your life.  The stage where Taco Tuesdays, Wine Wednesdays and Thirsty Thursdays are replaced with wine nights and work functions.  The stage where Thai takeout is no longer the every night go to, and cooking classes and homemade meals start to make regular appearances. The stage where a night out no longer ends with trying to choose which random, hot guy to bring home. (Obviously this applies to some more than others).

The best response I got from my friends regarding this phenomenon was ‘I kind of hate guys who are really obsessed with themselves to the point where they have kick ass bodies.  A lot of times a dad bob isn’t even a bad body it’s just a guy who isn’t really cut, which is fine.  I hate being intidimated with stuff like that.  Also, it kinda shows he’s laid back which is ideal.”

Bring on the lifestyle of balance featuring the dad bod. The lifestyle that praises you for hustling, but doesn’t make you feel guilty about skipping leg day and eating that second piece of cake.

Some examples:


Nothing Stays but Change

About 7 months ago I moved from New York thousands of miles across the country to San Diego. I came home recently for Thanksgiving, the first time in 7 months. What I saw is that life does not wait for you.

My generation (yes, I went there) has been conditioned to accept nothing less than everything we what. So, when something isn’t 100% ideal or a better opportunnity appears, there is no question that it will be chased after. I saw an ideal and I chased it. I have made new friends, seen new places, and had new opportunities that I will always remember and be grateful for. I have established bonds with people that can only be felt by those who are far away from home.

Coming back to the only place I have ever called home, I expected it to be frozen in time, just as I left it. Not waiting for me, but there to fit in to exactly as it was when I left. While I was across the country changing so was everything that I left behind.

My friends have new friends- who I do not know, there are new restaurants I have never heard of, or eaten at, kids have grown up. Life has gone on.

Of course this carries mixed emotions.  It’s strange to see my good friends being close with people I have never met or barely heard of.  Sharing inside jokes and stories about places I have never been. Strange to see buildings that were  once vacant, now home to thriving businesses. Or kids who I babysat and could barely say one word, now speaking in sentences.

My home will always be my home, and nothing can erase or replace the memories I have with people I have known for years.  But I know that home is not where I belong right now.  Home is a constant that I can always come back to.  The memories I have and the people I love will always be there, as fixtures of that part of my life.

The saying ‘nothing stays but change’ has never applied to me more than it does now. In a single day I have constructed 5 different, but all perfect, life plans and then decided that none of them will work (I’m sorry mom-I really am!) My friends are coming and going, I am content with where I am and with what I am doing, but then the next minute nothing I have is what I want. Someone who I thought would be a constant is now completley absent, and I do not know where I am meant to be.

I have learned about myself in ways I never would have imagined, and seen what I do and do not want in life.  And another thing I now know is, whether we like it or not, change is here to stay.


“I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.
Delicious Ambiguity.”
― Gilda Radner

I’m an adult-but do I want to be?

Almost 2 years ago I sat and listened to my college graduation speaker, Evelyn S. Lieberman, speak about the importance of women in the workplace. A well dressed, chic, older woman with a classic white bob and great shoes, her speech focused on the level of importance that each individual woman is capable of bringing to the workplace.  She spoke of the need to have a job where it matters if you show up or not.  Not just in the sense of your body being there, but showing up because of everyone that depends on you, and what would happen if you weren’t there. I sat there and thought, ‘I want exactly what this woman is talking about.’

Fast forward to about a year after graduation.  I have a job with a great amount of responsibility and a lot of people who depend on me. If I do not show up for work everyday, the organization will suffer.  I have clients who rely on me, co-workers who need me, and time sensitive matters that only I know the answers to.  This is what I have always wanted, right…?

Sometimes I have to be at work at 5:30 in the morning.  Sometimes I have to deal with people that make me want to take off my fashionable, yet functional, heeled booties and use them for a well placed bitch slap. Some days I curse the concept of “working your way up” and think ‘I’m not getting paid enough, I’m out.’  Yet, I keep coming back.

There are days I wish I had a job that supported the sleeping in, drinking heavily whenever I chose, taking time off, giving away shifts, virtually no responsibility, lifestyle. Sometimes I reminisce on how nice it was to simply pass any problems along to the manager and gtfo of the situation. Or how great it was to make rent in a single shift and still have 3 days off a week.

Then the sensible side kicks in, and I ask myself ‘where do I want to be in 5 years?’ The answer has nothing to do with sleeping in, closing down the bar (well maybe-but for adult milestone celebrating purposes only). The answer has to do with paid time off, great benefits, a large paycheck, and most of all a rewarding career-one in which I have a whole hell of a lot of responsibility.

The days that I want to jump back behind the bar are also the days I remind myself of why that speech resonated so strongly with me. I think of how good success feels, especially while enjoying the benefits of a paid vacation, and wearing Louboutin booties for your well placed bitch slaps.

How to Make Your Week Easier-Especially When You’re H-angry

Yesterday I went on my weekly grocery trip (post on this amazing experience to come) & bought ingredients to make 2 recipes to freeze for the upcoming week.

I don’t know about you all but I work usually 9-5:30sh, or some 8.5 hour variation.  Then sit in traffic for 15 hours, and am EXHAUSTED when I get home.  Some days I am so thankful my roommate isn’t home because she would probably break the lease and never come back.  Okay, I’m not THAT bad, but I’m sure someone can relate here!?

But my point is I don’t want to cook when I get home.  I want food that’s ready to go and won’t take forever.  This is I make a large batch of something and freeze it.  Tip: freeze in containers that have a portion size good for 1-2 meals.  When you’re defrosting you don’t want a weeks worth of food to get unfrozen and then go bad.

Before I leave for the day I just take my container out of the freezer and put it in the fridge.  Then it has all day to start defrosting, and I just run it under water and microwave it when I get home.  So easy and makes me happy 🙂

The Cauliflower Pizza Crust I made can also be frozen! Just wrap in an air tight container or foil and then bake in the oven at 400 F.  Treat it like any other frozen pizza crust you would buy.  Mine didn’t quite make it to the freezer since we all know how much I love my pizza…

Happy Eating!



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How to Have a Happy Monday

Happy Sunday everyone!  This weekend flew by, as they always seem to do.  What did you all do this weekend?  I need fun San Diego weekend/after work ideas!

On Sundays I always prepare for Monday by picking out my outfit.  This saves me so much time in the morning, and I actually have the chance to try it on and make sure it doesn’t look all crazy.  I have been doing this since I was in middle school & won’t be stopping any time soon!  Also, if it needs ironing that can be done at a nice leisurely pace, not frantic at 5:30am.  And who doesn’t want those extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning-I know I do!

If you need some serious organizing help check out my Professional Organizing business.  You can contact me here.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



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How to Make Your Own Pizza Sauce

Today I was making a recipe for Turkey Ragu, which called for tomato paste & I accidentally bought tomato sauce.  Then, I also wanted whole tomatoes for my recipe, but got diced tomatoes with green chilies…whoops.  But I decided to turn them in to my own pizza sauce!

Also, never forget to buy a can opener.  This was terrifying & I honestly thought I was going to chop my hand in half at any given moment.


For the Pizza Sauce you will need:

~4oz of Hunt’s (or any brand) Sauce

~7oz diced tomatoes-I used Eden Valley diced with green chilies (these were not spicy AT ALL, so I added some Chili Powder)

~1 clove garlic

~1 tsp each of Oregano, Salt & Chili Powder


1. Food process the 7oz of diced tomatoes


2. Add in 4 oz tomato sauce, garlic & seasonings

3. Blend together


This ended up being really good, I could have added a bit more Oregano & Chili Powder.  In mine the flavors were present, just not strong.  But it was so easy to make, and less preservatives/bad stuff than the canned store bought versions! Plus it’s fun to create your own.

Happy pizza making!